April Featured Artist

Karina Beck  

Hey! My name is Karina Beck and I'm the gal behind

Light and Armour Photography. 


I aim to be an intentional storyteller from newborns, families, or couples. My own family inspired the notion to document our now; not just the "cheeses" and seasonal greetings. I hope to show the value in our everyday life, for the times we say, "I'll remember." I love that we as photographers are able to provide something tangible as a legacy and heartfelt memory.


A little more about me; I am a believer of Christ, wife of 8 years, and a mom of three kiddos, five and under! We are a military family and have lived in El Paso, TX, Baumholder, Germany, and this last fall we arrived to Fayetteville, North Carolina. My husband shortly deployed after we moved, and I figured it was as good as time as any to take a breath (not a break) from being a business. I am eagerly awaiting his return to open up as a business here in North Carolina, but until then, I have been documenting our now with a 366 photo challenge. Practicing what I preach, and preserving my own special memories!


Thanks for reading along!




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