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     Hello, and welcome to The Ardent Lens Magazine!! My name is Ali Englefield Carter. I am the owner/creator of this magazine, which specializes in showcasing beautiful photography created all around the world! I’m a professional photographer based out of NE Ohio. I’m a mother to three little weirdos whom I love so much! All of my life, I’ve always loved creating things… photography, candles, writing, cooking, crochet, apparel, webpages, slideshows, painting, drawing… and most recently this beautiful magazine. Even though I created The Ardent Lens Magazine, its success is only possible because of all of you amazing photographers. I’m so thankful that you’re here.


     After having my photography published a few times, and realizing how wonderful it felt to have someone recognize my hard work/vision, I started to think about being able to do the same for other photographers. One day, I just decided to go for it. And once I started, I realized how much I loved everything about this magazine. I love seeing all the beautiful submissions, selecting images, putting them together... but mostly I love how much joy it brings to the photographers who are being published. I’ve had such heartfelt, amazing feedback so far, and I've made new friends along the way!


     As creative individuals, we tend to be self-destructive with our thoughts, thinking we aren't good enough, oftentimes comparing ourselves to others. The whole notion of "community over competition" is one of the best ideas that we can adopt in this creative industry. I feel whole-heartedly that the more we look at beautiful artwork, the more inspired we are in our own creativity. This magazine embodies that notion. I already see photographers encouraging each other and uplifting each other. AND I LOVE IT. đź–¤


     I am truly in awe with how quickly this magazine has grown. However, this only motivates me to continue to grow and develop this magazine and this awesome community of photographers. I am beyond excited to see how much this magazine can grow, as we continue to UPLIFT, ENCOURAGE, and PUBLISH photographers from all over the world.