Becca Hieb - February Featured Artist

Interview with our February 2020 Featured Artist, Becca Hieb of Rebecca Hieb Photography:

1. How long have you been doing photography professionally?

I have been in photographing professionally for the last 2 years + loving every moment of it! 2. What is your absolute favorite subject to shoot? My absolute favorite subject to shoot is boudoir, + couples. I love being able to help other women embrace their beauty + confidence more than anything, but something about love KEEPS ME COMING BACK FOR MORE!! 3. What gear do you use? I shoot on my Canon EOS R + Mark 6D ii, my go to lens is my 24-105 L Series it never leaves my body... like EVAAAA! 4. What is your goals for the next five years? My overall goal for the next 5 years is to establish myself as a traveling photographer, + build relationships/friendships all over the world. I’d also love to eventually expand my studio to a larger space outside of my home to create a studio space other creatives + photographers can use as to shoot/express themselves! 5. What do you think makes a photograph great and not just okay? I personally think what makes a photograph great rather than just okay is emotion; raw, real, unposed emotion. Whether it be confidence, love, sadness. Feeling the emotion of your subject, while telling their story is what makes a photograph great and not just okay. Give me images that tug at my heartstrings and reach for the tissue box, the heartfelt booty grabs + nose kisses. I want to feel every ounce of emotion going through my photographs! That’s what makes them GREAT! 6. If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing? If I wasn’t a photographer I’d probably be making custom hats and selling them. Which I actually think I might start doing, so be on the look out for that! I feel that’s just such a fun way to express yourself, and what better way to express yourself than a custom hat that describes you? 7. What inspires you? What inspires me? Well it just depends on the day, truly! Some days it’s music, others it thrifted clothes, or antique pieces I stumble across. I’m a lover of vintage/thrifted finds, and original pieces. The majority of my studio is thrifted actually! All in all a good thrift store can open the doors to my creative soul and the magic just comes flowing out! 8. Out of all the images you've created, what is your absolute favorite?

Out of all the images I’ve taken my favorite has to be of the twins in the wooden bowl surrounded by floral + being held by their mother to comfort them. The mother of the twins had 2 rainbow babies prior to these two beautiful blessings + this images tells the story of the love, a mother has for her children on earth and in heaven.

A note from Becca:

Hey YALLLLL!!     My names Becca, + I'm the creative behind Rebecca Hieb Photography + Bonne Nuit Cherie! I am a West Texas based natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle + boudoir photography!! I don't truly have a "niche" I love the versatility of knowing I can capture everything from your first kiss, to your wedding photos, all the way to welcoming your first blessing into the world! What a mad woman you say? Hehe I'd say I'm just a woman who knows what drives her passion within her heart!  Photography has been a part of my life for the last 5 years, and I truly don't know what I would be doing if my mother never gave me my first camera years ago. Growing up I always had a fascination with the camera.. I mean what girl doesn't? It wasn't till I turned 16 that my love for photography only grew + I began dappling in maternity. Overtime I just knew I didn't want to do anything other than photography. Which showed me over the years that I genuinely love being able to capture moments that are real, raw, +  candid; photos that you can look back on years later and feel the same emotions you felt in that moment. NOW THAT IS MY CUP OF TEA!

In 2018 I learned just how important self love was to me as I branched out into boudoir photography, and made it my goal for 2019 to help other women embrace their natural beauty + confidence while learning to love the body they're in. Yes you heard it right, boudoir is more than just booty, I'm here to help you embrace your beauty! See what I did there? ;) Needless to say I'm LOVE WHAT I DO; the journey; + giving the gift of forever images, alllll that I love it. Photography makes me SO DAMN HAPPY! Even happier than queso, and that stuff is liquid gold hehe.  Xoxoxo, Becca Hieb

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