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The Essence of Creativity

It seems that many people don't have a clear idea of what an artist is. I always thought of artists as a collected group of screwed-up individuals looking for some sort of outlet to survive their emotional demons. And maybe, in a way, that's accurate. The true essence of an artistic individual seems to elude the mind of a non-creative individual.

There are so many different types of artists; graphic artists, painters, ultra feminists, dancers, photographers. It seems that oftentimes artists get categorized together under the same label, but each artist has a different story to tell. What makes an artist do what he/she does, what’s the common goal, and why do artists have such a passion for something that no one else gets?

I’m constantly being asked by friends or family to draw their next tattoo for them, to paint a picture for their cousin's husband's sister wedding gift, to do a free photo shoot based on an idea they have. Unfortunately, that's not always how creativity works. For many artists, it's not just a switch that can be flipped, allowing creativity to come alive.

I only know how my own brain works, and I can’t just make myself feel creative; it doesn’t just come out of thin air. A non-creative individual might not understand the way a creative mind works: only an artist can understand that the best work comes from somewhere deep inside of one's soul. For me, that’s a dark place, but it’s my creative zone, and it gets my motivation going.

To me, art is created from raw emotion, not from being asked to create something because someone claims: “you’re good at that stuff”. Do other creatives feel the same way I do? Do you find it hard to be truly creative when it doesn't come from the passion in your soul? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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