Birth Through the Lens

I made my way down the hall and watched as the family gathered around the big window. Above them you can big letters individually hung that they spell out nursery. From a distance, I captured the moment their eyes met this precious new life that just entered the world. The perfect new addition to their family. Each face looking through the glass shows its own emotion. Smiles, tears, and pure joy fill each of their faces. I stepped back a little farther and stood quietly, propped against the wall out of the way. A sweet little girl, maybe around thirteen years-old, walks up and props up beside me. I look away from the images on the screen on back of my camera and say 'hello'. She is looking at me all wide-eyed and full of happiness. “You really do have the best job in the world,” she says softly. In this moment, she summed up exactly what I was thinking. I wish the entire world saw this moment the way this sweet little girl did. If you had told me when I started photography seven years ago that I would be helping to provide for my family by capturing the split second a new life comes into this world, I would have probably told you that I could never be so lucky. This truly is the best job in the world to me. To some, birth photography is a new idea, and they just haven’t quite figured out why someone would want a picture of that. I believe this is because birth photography is still often highly misunderstood. As a birth photographer, I document the moments you will likely not remember years from now. Birth photography captures these moments that one day will be only a memory and takes you back not just to what everything looked like, but how it felt. We capture those important moments for you and allow the family to be there and present for Mom and the baby. You can then print out and physically hold in your hand the very second your life was changed forever and you felt love like never before. Birth photography allows you to look back years from now and instantly remember how that moment felt when you saw your baby’s face for the very first time. I hope to bring more awareness to what exactly birth photography is and why it is so important. I hope to give others the ability to see birth photography through the eyes of this sweet little girl I met standing outside of the nursey the day she became a big sister. I hope to help start conversations that will encourage women and get them talking about their birth stories. I want to give readers the ability to see what birth photography looks like not just in their area, or across the country, but across the world.

Every birth story deserves to be told. Every birth story deserves to be heard.

Photo © Heather Holbrook Photography

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