• Christy Bosn

Boudoir Lighting

I like to tailor the experience to my clients, so each of my boudoir shoots are a little bit different. For this shoot, I wanted to go for a more of a romantic andlifestyle boudoir vibe.

To achieve this, I set up some records and put her in a lingerie piece from my client closet that I purchased on Amazon. (here). I really love how the red of the lingerie matches the red color on her lips.

With all of my boudoir shoots, I use natural light. These photos were done in my living room using the light from one large window. I think that using natural light helps to keep my clients relaxed because it doesn’t feel like an over-processed studio set up.

Because I love getting a moodier vibe in my photos, I like to position the client almost parallel to the window. This creates beautiful highlights along her body while leaving darker shadows.

I also decided to light candles all around her to help accentuate the romantic feel and to get that beautiful warm glow on her skin. In order to get the light wrapped around her, I used a glass crystal in front of my camera lens. My clients look at me like I’m a little crazy while I’m doing this, but it allows me to achieve some really fun effects!

Check out my gallery to see more examples my natural light boudoir photos.

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