Brianna Merritt - March Featured Artist

Interview with our March 2020 Featured Artist Brianna Merritt of Brianna Merritt Photography:

1. How long have you been doing photography professionally?

One year.

2. What is your absolute favorite subject to shoot?


3. What gear do you use?

Canon 6D Mark ii and a Canon 35 mm 1.4 II

4. What is your goals for the next five years?

My goals for the next 5 years are to transition into being a full time birth photographer, having my own studio, and settling my business down in Northwest Florida!

5. What do you think makes a photograph great and not just okay?

I think the thing that makes a photograph great is intention. Being inspired organically and then following through with the ideas in your mind and being true to yourself really make a difference in your work.

6. If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a photographer, I would just be a stay at home mama! 😂

7. What inspires you?

My children inspire me the most. They push me to be better at everything I do.

8. Out of all the images you've created, what is your absolute favorite?

Out of all the images I’ve created, the image of me holding my daughter, Emmy Lou, in my arms is my absolute favorite.

A note from our Featured Artist for March 2020:

Hello, I’m Brianna.

I am a military wife and mom to three beautiful girls. I have truly found the person I was always meant to be within my children. They are my biggest influencers. Happiness to me is a cup of coffee on a rainy day.

My photography journey began when I had my first daughter, Paisley. She grew so fast, I felt like I could blink and she would sprout two more inches. I began to document all of her moments. They meant everything to me and I never wanted to forget every detail, small and big, about her in those very moments. I haven’t slowed down any and now I have two additional lovely ladies to document as well.

I take moments and turn them into meaningful art. Pictures aren’t meant for seeing, they’re meant to be felt. That starts with capturing the real and true moments that don’t require much direction. My eye doesn’t just capture the perfect lighting or location, it captures who you are and how you love.


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