Capturing Emotions with Prompts.

What is a prompt?

· A prompt is something you say to your client to cause or bring about a feeling, emotion, or an action.

I started actively using prompts in my photography business last year, and the change in my images has been nothing less than amazing. Instead of just posing a family, I direct them into a pose and then use a prompt to get a reaction.

· Asking Mom to tell her best Dad joke and Dad try not to laugh, almost always gets huge laughs from everyone.

· Who has the smelliest feet?

· Red light, green light with mom and dad kissing behind.

· Tickle Fight

· Everyone hugs mom/dad.

Tickle Fight

Who has the smelliest feet?

Kids are awesome to use prompts with and having a child respond to a prompt with a smile or laugh guarantees that you’ll get “natural” memories for their families. A few of my favorite prompts to use for kids are:

· Here Run away! Wait come back!

· Can you see the fairy/unicorn/monkey in my camera?

· Give me your best superhero/princess pose.

Run away.. wait come back!

Remember using prompts can be tricky when you first start incorporating them. I took pictures of typed prompts and had them already on my memory card at the beginning of each session. This way I could go back and look at the prompt list whenever I needed to. Once you get into the habit of using prompts, using them gets much easier.

There is an awesome group called Promptography on Facebook that has a great list of prompts and members post images from their sessions with the prompts they use.

The Promptography group is what got me started successfully using prompts.

Here's the link if you'd like to join.

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