• Christy Silva

Every Picture Tells A Story

Our military is made up of some of the strongest and bravest men and woman. Every day they wake up knowing they may be called out to deploy and leave their loved ones behind. Our family knows this all too well as my husband is currently deployed for one year. One year of only hearing his voice and when we are lucky, getting to see his face through messenger. Not being able to hold him and for him to be here to see our children in their daily activities is a sacrifice we made 17 years ago when he started his journey to serve our country.

Knowing the importance of how precious those little moments of him being home are, is one reason why I wanted to become a photographer. Being able to document not only our story but others as well, truly brings me so much joy. I have captured military families as they say goodbye and when they embrace one another again after months of separation. Last year, I had the honor of photo documenting a birth for a spouse whose husband was deployed. The only people there was the medical staff, her, and I. In that moment, I knew she not only needed me to document the journey of her son being born so her husband can feel apart of this amazing moment in their lives but, I became her support. You see, when you are in the military, you are away from home. Away from everyone and everything you know. Every PCS (Permant Change of Station) means you start all over again. When you make friends, those friends become your family. I held her hand when she needed me and documented as the birth happened. I felt so much joy and excitement for them. They now have the most beautiful son. Then I felt the heartache for them both that her spouse couldn't be there to witness the birth of their son.

A week later she brought her gorgeous son into my studio for his newborn session. As I held him, and of course got my baby cuddles in because mine are all teenagers now, I felt so sad that I was able to hold him before his father could. That's when I knew I had to capture something special. Grabbing the father's ABU jacket I wrapped the arms around their son. I wanted their son, years from now, to know how much his father loved him and couldn't wait to get back home to hold him.

You see, photographs have the ability to freeze moments in our lives. They allow us to remember a special time and give us the ability to share those memories with our loved ones years from now. Every picture tells a story. It captures the journey a family makes and the love they share. From the moment a new expectant mother captures her growing belly, to their child's Senior portraits, and all the little moments in between their memories are being preserved. How will you tell your story?

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