Finding your Creative Voice

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." -- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Boy this was definitely something that surely did not come over night, and it's still very much an ongoing process. In a world of overwhelming social media sites, blogs, etc., it almost feels impossible to not be influenced by the creative works of other artists. Especially being a photographer on Instagram. I've never seen a social media platform with so much incredible talent from all over the world. I love being part of the community, but also at the same time it's hard to not compare your own work to the work of others or maybe be TOO influenced by all the different styles of editing, session ideas, and overall internet presence.

When I first joined Instagram and started sharing my work, I was overwhelmed by just the sheer amount of photographers as a whole. Not to mention, photographers and artists that were on a whole other level. A level that I'm still not sure I will ever get to. At the time, I found myself being super influenced by all the trendy ideas, editing styles, and fads that seem to travel through the gram. I thought "So this must be how I become recognized and have my work valued by others". Y'all I cannot tell you how difficult it was to get out of that mindset. To go against the grain is never something easy, and when it feels like so many photographers are running their businesses and social media accounts in very similar ways, it FEELS like that is how you should be doing it as well in order to be successful.

(example of an Instagram trend we jumped on board with last year. Also yeah the blanket photos have been trending again in 2020)

Spoiler Alert - I was wrong about that.

I started realizing that I didn't want to just blend in with other photographers. Jay (my partner and business partner) and I had different goals in mind for our brand and what we wanted people to experience when we photographed them. There was also a lot of time spent experimenting to find the style we wanted for our images. After A LOT of trial and error, I started to find the tones and mood that I wanted our photography to emulate. We haven't stopped trying to "perfect" our style of editing, and are continually trying to push the envelope and try new things! We are including some of the photos with our original editing style as well as our current style. We think it's really interesting to see the style evolve over the last year, and hope you will as well! 

(original editing style)

Early on in our photography journey, I had this idea to shoot at a neat market in our local downtown. It was my AHA this is any original idea moment (I say original as I had not seen anyone else doing this) It made me feel excited that we could shoot a session that came from just a thought in my mind. We called upon my amazing cousin and her boyfriend to help us out with the shoot, and they both agreed! Looking back at the images a year later, I can see so many things that we could have improved on editing wise, angle wise, etc. I can also see the growth from then to now and the the steps we've taken to come further in our work since then. Oh and that's not to say that I am saying we are amazing now. We're not. It's very rare for me to love the photos that we put out into the world. All that to say, we all start somewhere and even if the photos weren't perfect, I will still continue to be proud of executing an original idea!

(market photos with original editing)

OK this has gotten a lot longer than I had originally thought it would and maybe taken a different direction than intended. Time to reel it back in to the REAL point and the REAL message of this blog. The point that I wanted to make is this - be your own authentic self, find the style that speaks to your heart. Allow yourself the time to be a beginner and experiment with different editing styles. Even if that style goes against all the rules or what's trending now. It is far better to be original than a copy-cat of someone else. If you want your work to be recognized as being different, than you have to be different! Let yourself go crazy with editing, create a session that you've never seen before. Be yourself. That's it. That's my message to whoever may be reading this!

We'll leave you with a few of our more recent session images. 

(Family session at a cocktail bar and a reminder to keep searching for those unique locations!)

(current editing style)

Inquiring minds want to know - what has your journey been like in finding your creative voice? How long did it take you to find an editing style that felt true to you? Maybe you're still on your journey of finding your own voice in the photography world, tell us about that. We'd also really enjoy seeing if you've had any changes in our editing style from the beginning of your photography journey! Drop a comment down below, we would love to chat!!

XOXO Sam & Jay

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