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Sometimes we need a little bit more than our everyday look when we're going to be in front of the camera, and that's okay! Sometimes we transition our camera-ready look to our new everyday, and that's okay too!

Jillian Holt put together a series of blog posts for me that we're going to compress here today! We're going to chat about the importance of brows for your best face, finding your perfect everyday lip, and the big one for photo sessions: false lashes.

Great Eyebrows can MAKE a look!

When it comes to creating a beautiful, complete makeup look eyebrows are incredibly important. Not only do they frame your eyes, but they set the tone for all facial expressions.

Great brows can make a look. What’s more, terrible brows can absolutely ruin it. Jillian cannot stress the importance of manicured brows for photos enough.


If you already have your brows shaped, double check with a professional brow specialist that your shape is the correct and most flattering shape for your face. Many women don’t even realize that their brows are the incorrect shape!

Next, invest in a few easy to use brow products like a brow powder, pencil, or pomade and a clear brow gel. Each of these items has more coverage than the last with powder being the lightest and pomade being the darkest. I find pencil to be the easiest to use, but prefer the coverage of a pomade.

If you have natural brows, spend a little time cleaning them up or visit a brow professional and tell them you want to keep them natural, just give them a little clean up. To do it yourself, brush your brows up and outward. Clean up between the brows and remove any hairs that lay very far from the overall shape. Try not to remove from the top.

On the day of your photo session, use a brow pencil or powder to fill any sparse places, then use a clear brow gel to help your brows stay in place.

Again, if you are unsure, visit a brow professional!

Finding YOUR everyday Lip Color

The most flattering everyday lip color is going to be a shade that either matches or is 1-2 shades darker than your gums and insides on your lips and cheeks. This shade most closely matches your skins natural undertones, makes your teeth appear more white, and gives you an overall natural and youthful appearance.

There are some lip products that are almost universally flattering.

Jillian all-time favorite just happens to be my new all-time fav (and Jennifer Aniston’s, too) is Black Honey by Clinique. It is a shade in their Almost Lipstick line that is sheer and buildable. It blends with the natural tone of your lips to create a flattering color. Bonus: It’s super moisturizing and easy to wear like a lip balm!

If you’re a statement lip kinda gal

Jillian recommend choosing something that is a long wear that won’t transfer. Choose shades that are darker than your natural skin tone with a blue base. While there is a place for pale lips, neons, oranges and such, they are not flattering on most people.

Got Falsies: False eyelashes for your photo session?

Got questions - Jillian has answers!

Which lashes should you pick?

Is there any mascara that can give me a falsies look without actually wearing false lashes?

Not all lashes are created equal – if you’ve ever looked for lashes, you know that there are a litany of options. Choose lashes that compliment the look I’m hoping to achieve, but always choose lashes that have an invisible band and tapered lash ends.

Jillian's all time favorite faux lash brand is the ARDELL fauxmink collection.

Number 811 is great for brides, bridesmaids, or getting makeup done for a portrait sessions – it is a beautifully lightweight, tapered lash, that creates a beautiful cat eye effect, lifting the outer corner with extra length.

Number 817 is a great option for a more understated or natural look. This is a great choice for outdoor family photos or portrait sessions.

*Jillian's PRO TIP:

Even with very natural looks, apply a thin line of black liquid liner to the upper lash line to give the lashes some camouflage. This is especially helpful if you are new to applying lashes as it will reduce or eliminate ‘lash gap’ where you can see a gap of skin between your natural lashes and the false lashes.

And lastly, Jillian's absolute favorite mascara of all time

is PUR Fully Charged.

It has a creamy formulation that applies cleanly but gives lashes a major boost in both length and thickness. The best part is that you can apply multiple layers without getting clumpy. It is also long lasting!

Jillian Holt is a makeup artist and hairstylist with 18 years of experience in the beauty industry.

She is a make up artist and hair designer serving the Gulf Coast from Pensacola, Florida to Mobile, Alabama and beyond since 2001. "I love enhancing the natural beauty that lives in each and every one of my clients. While I offer a full range of beauty services - makeup and hairstyling for all occasions - weddings, proms, balls, special events, or any occasion at all, Bridal Beauty is my specialty."

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2012 and offer boldly timeless, high quality Wedding, Portrait & Boudoir Photography in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Please contact me for more information about the services you are interested in!

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