Keeping Your Head-shot Current : Job Searching During COVID-19

During these trying times it is unfortunate that some of us have been without jobs or are waiting for our places of work to open back up. Many people have decided to find temporary work until the peak of COVID-19 passes. Websites such as LinkedIn are perfect ways to find local work and connect with others with similar backgrounds and interest.

One element to using these types of websites is uploading the information about you and of course your photo!

It is very important to use a current head-shot of yourself so that your employers know who you are and what to expect when you finally meet them. Blindsiding your interviewer by not appearing to be who you are in your head-shot can give them a vibe that you are not entirely transparent as a person, or as an employee. It is also a great way to show yourself physically when we cannot be face to face so to speak during COVID-19. Another tip, as many of us photographers know, is to use a high-resolution photo! First impressions are everything and you want potential scouters or onlookers to see who you are, clearly! One more thing to think about when making sure you have a photo is that there is not any background clutter, objects or people! Sitting in front of a blank canvas helps show that it is just you and your smiling face. Though, we as photographers know this all too well!

Again, while quarantined I hope that many of us are staying positive and hopeful. If any of you are job searching keep in mind that there is always a rainbow after the storm.

Keep your head up and those head-shots updated!

As always Happy Shooting.

With love,

Jai Ivie Photography

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