My Husband, My Hero

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Story time:

You walk into someone's home and see a really old photo of a man, woman, or family, and you ask the owner, "who are they?" You know there's probably some really neat story behind the picture.

Friends, I practice what I preach and I am preaching as loudly as I can, PRINT YOUR IMAGES!

My father-in-law's 70th birthday is February 11th, and this is a man that is HARD to shop for...he has everything. But it occurred to me that he does NOT have a photo of his only child in a professional setting. My father-in-law is exceptionally proud of his son and I thought, what if we get some headshots of my husband in uniform, in front of a Black Hawk, (my husband is a Med-Evac Black Hawk pilot) at sunset. So, off we went to the airfield to do just that.

My original plan expanded once we arrived. I took photos of my daughter and husband together as well as some solo shots of my husband. The end results came out even better than I had hoped and I was so so SO glad we went out on this little adventure.

Shortly after placing the print order for my father-in-law it hit me, WE need one too. My husband is a very humble man, so when I expressed my desire to print one for our house, he didn't say no, but I could tell he was a little embarrassed. Ultimately, he knew it was important to me and obliged. When the print arrived I was on cloud nine, and let me tell you why:

1. I am proud of my husband. He served a year tour in Korea 2017-2018 and participated in a historical rescue when a North Korean soldier fled the country and was almost killed crossing the border to his freedom.  2. My husband fought for our country in Afghanistan (he returned home from his 9 month deployment in November 2019). He performed dangerous rescue missions, took on enemy fire...the stories are haunting.

3. He has sacrificed A LOT for his country and his family.

When I look at these pictures I took of my husband, words can not begin to express the feelings that flood my entire body. They represent so much love, pride, memories, and history. My hope? That these images will be passed on to our daughter, and our daughter's children, and their children. And one day, someone will walk into their home and ask them about these photos, and a story will be told, and my husband's memory will live on forever.

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