Photography: New/Old Hobby During the Quarantine

As most of our states have had shelter in place or stricter polices to leave our homes, many of us have delved into hobbies both old and new to pass the time.

Photography being one of them and most likely the reason you are here, so welcome!

Being a photographer during this quarantine, I have had time to search for new techniques, better equipment and even some online courses that can better hone my skill set. Now, some of us have just started this beautiful journey that is being a photographer. It is a job/hobby that brings satisfaction when it comes to your art and it also brings happiness to your clients when you capture a moment in time that they could keep forever. Being a photographer for only two years or so I’ve learned quite a few things. Some positive and some that remain opportunities that I am learning to perfect along the way. The best mindset to go into when starting a new hobby is to not compare yourself to others. You are unique and you may take a different path than others before you. When it comes to photography and the time we have at home now, take the time to get to know your camera, the settings, the lens, really dissect it. Practice on your loved ones, your pets, even inanimate objects, the sky is the limit. Again, if this is a new hobby for you keep pushing along and stay involved with great communities like Ardent Lens. Ask other photographers for advice or tips. Browse all the beautiful photos, give their pages a follow, interact with them as you have a wonderful community of people around you that all share the same love of photography as you do. For more seasoned photographers, this is your chance to be that mentor that you may not have had starting out. This is also the chance to see other's work and to inspire yours. During these times of COVID-19, whether this is an old or new hobby, it is very important to expel positive vibes and lift each other up, all in the comfort and safety of our own homes.

Always remember stay positive and keep your head up!

Happy Shooting!

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