Taking the Boudoir Plunge

How many times have you been mindlessly scrolling through the old gram, not really paying attention to the content that you’re staring at.... until there’s something that snaps you out of your thoughtless scrolling? You see a picture of some girl you know, looking absolutely stunning at a recent boudoir session she did. You know you secretly like it but you almost don’t even want to admit it. You instantly go through a couple different emotions: first off how good she looks but then you find that you’re a little jealous. You then decide to read her caption and see if she tagged the artist and omg she did!

You click on the page and get sucked in to the countless images of before and afters of these women just rocking some sort of confidence you wish you had, you look at their bodies and continue this back and forth emotion of jealousy and trying to justify why she looks so good. “Well I’m a mom of 3” you think... these women’s probably have way more time on their hands and i mean look at her hair and makeup, I could never pull all that off anyway. You continue to try and convince yourself that you don’t care and move on with your day.

Flash forward and you’re still recuperating from your work day, your kids are acting nuts, your husband's working late, you burn dinner, nothing's going right, and when things finally settle down you just want to zone out. You find yourself looking back at your friends insta again but this time she posted a couple more pictures of her recent session and you find yourself enthralled with them.

You comment: “absolutely stunning lady”, and think to yourself that that should make up for your bad friend thoughts even though the jealousy is still there.

Why is it that so many of us find guilt in taking time for ourselves and just treating ourselves a little? We look at those around us who do it and instead of finding one thing to do for us, we just sit back and make excuses, this is especially true for the mommas out there. Instead you use that money for the next hobby your kid wants to start, and sit there cheering them on. Mommas: treat yourself, take a leap for you, give yourself something to feel happy about that’s for no one else but yourself. In turn, not only will it make you feel smokin',  but when you’re radiating confidence and sexiness, it brings a little extra that will spice things up with your other half!

I’ve worked with so many women who come in timid and nervous, who have never done anything like this before. They have no idea how fierce they really are and how all those pent up emotions will shine through in a picture! They will radiate like all the women before them but in their own way. There’s no type of woman who should do a boudoir sessions; it’s an empowering experience every women should have.

Take the time for yourself. It will be so worth it.

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