The Journey to Motherhood

Like most photographers, there's a thousand reasons I love photography. Mostly, I love that my children inspire me. The entire process of them growing up is art to me. I don’t make art, they do. I am simply the marker of time, and keeper of memories. It was my daughters that were/are the driving force behind my obsessive documenting.

I had a very long road to motherhood. So, while most of the time I choose to focus on being a mother. For these images, I chose to focus on the journey TO motherhood. Motherhood is a journey in and of itself, one we celebrate often; it even has its own day. However, often the ‘becoming' goes completely unnoticed, not talked about...hushed even…

I feel strongly that the day we choose motherhood is the day we become warriors. Our stories are rich with the emotions of failure and sweet success…I celebrate them all, now, even the failures...Without them, I would not have been led to my girls...

These are self portraits. My own mother is holding the “mother by c-section” sign, my oldest daughter’s birth mother is holding the sign that reads “mother by birth”.

I love that photography has given me a medium to express myself, to provide myself, and others a way of healing through sharing our stories.

-Interesting fact about these photos:

I gave all the ladies a sheet of paper and asked them to write in black marker, in a few words, their journey to motherhood. Some of these ladies tried for YEARS to become mothers. They had multiple miscarriages, multiple ectopic pregnancies, failed invetrofertilization, some of these mothers almost died during labour, not once but twice, some had failed adoptions and some spent upwards of $60-100,000 to hear someone call them “mother”. Without saying anything, without agreeing, everyone chose to focus on what worked. Once our babies were placed in our hands, our hearts began to heal, and suddenly there was a reason for all that pain. We now, held all the answers...

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